Hathi Mandap
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Elephant indian wedding mandap backdrops
Elephant indian wedding mandap designs
Elephant indian wedding mandap decoration
Hathi Mandap

Hathi Mandap

3rd December 2014

The luxurious and striking Hathi Mandap (Elephant Mandap), a grand wooden ring held aloft by raising elephants, helps bring not only a sense of grandeur and splendour to any event or marriage; but also brings forth Indian spirituality and symbolism, with each elephant holding the ceremony with strength, pride and humility; hence applying such traits to the sanctity of the marriage that is to take place before them.  This breath-taking, hand-crafted architecture is both stunning in its composition and detail, but also in its symbolism and tradition.

The Hathi Mandap can be decorated further to a range of floral or ornamental tastes, with the elephant pillars standing proud and encircling a stunning centrepiece and seating arrangement. The Hathi Mandap is one of our most visually appealing and popular choices for wedding ceremonies, and thus it is a piece of architecture we hold proud in its honouring of a wedding yet to take place.