Ava Mandap
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AVA indian wedding mandap decorations
AVA Indian Wedding Mandap
AVA Mandap Decoration
AVA Mandap

Ava Mandap

7th January 2016

For a stunning, natural wood twist that combines history, spirituality and comforting colours, the Ava Mandap is a grand and premier choice for any marriage ceremony. With ample opportunity for floral arrangement, the wide design of the Ava allows for its three hand-crafted archways to stand side-by-side ahead of a canopy of luxurious satin, echoing as a calm and soothing background to its superb architecture. Depictions of the deity Ganesha adorn the mandap left and right of the central ring, bringing history and spirituality to an already appealing ceremonial canopy carved in natural wood.

The Ava Mandap is a superb choice for any marrying couple looking to bring a natural, wooden look to their ceremony, and for anyone who is looking for an understated but all the while traditional set-up. While the Ava may not have the regal grandiosity of some of our mandaps, it proves to be a popular choice for indoor ceremonies, and fulfils the majority of criteria that marrying couples look for in a mandap.