Ek Shyam Mandap
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Ek-Shyam Wedding Stage Décor
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Ek-Shyam Indian Wedding Mandap
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Ek-Shyam Mandap

Ek Shyam Mandap

12th January 2016

A touch of the wild flows through this majestic and quietly imposing structure, and for anyone looking to make a lasting impression on family and friends alike, the Ek Sham Mandap is a superb and resilient choice, for use both indoors and outdoors. Craved out of natural wood and designed using traditional patterns, colours and twists often found in Indian architecture and art alike, this is an intensely traditional mandap that will be an optimal choice for any marrying couple looking to make the traditions and styles of old a major part of their ceremony. The upper ring makes superb use of spotlighting with space for floral arrangements of your choice, making this an impressive and striking mandap that can also be customised as you see fit.

With striking wood used to create both the canopy and pillars themselves, along with a unique centrepiece and seating arrangement, the Ek sham is a fine choice for anyone looking to make memories.