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Moroccan Affair

If you are looking to host a party or celebration with a touch of international flavour and glamour – but want to leave room for a little minimalism – our Moroccan Affair installation will provide you with authentic North African style and flavours along with a unique and intimate arrangement to provide a comfortable and colourful night to remember.

Offering unique seating and decoration inspired by Moroccan culture and tradition, the Moroccan Affair installation ushers in comfortable yet stunning furniture and design in an eye-catching and unparalleled manner – making it the perfect choice for anyone keen to capture an essence of international tradition and design without letting a theme overshadow or swallow up the whole of a celebration.

Moroccan Affair offers the right balance between a traditional theme and comfort for family and friends, striking a fine chord between pleasing colours and designs to create a unique atmosphere for any party. A superb choice to help celebrate a wedding, an anniversary or a family milestone, the Moroccan Affair design will help provide memories for many, and for many years to come – as well as unique comfort and awe-inspiring decoration for you and your guests alike to enjoy at your leisure.

Ideal for Mendhi Night Decor.