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Jaipur Nights

For a shimmering and splendorous celebration that welcomes both culture and tradition hand in hand with a unique and colourful installation, you need look no further than our spectacular Jaipur Nights theme. This party installation is inspired by northern Indian tradition, architecture and spirituality, taking particular time to flaunt some of the culture’s most stunning colours and artistic flairs in a combination that will make for a highly memorable evening for whomever is invited.

Our Jaipur Nights theme aims to whisk you away out East, allowing you to really feel the city coming alive in your very own celebration room and at your very own party. We feel that this installation is a perfect fit for couples looking to celebrate a wedding, a recent anniversary, or even for a family gathering or celebration. Its deep, alluring colours inspire awe in those who inhabit it – making it one of our more truly captivating and culturally interesting pieces available to hire for your wedding, anniversary or family gala.

For a party theme that celebrates Eastern culture while remaining fun and sophisticated in equal measure, there really is no better alternative to our superb Jaipur Nights theme – one of our favourites!