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Great Gatsby

Named after a popular novel set in New York in the 1920s, our Great Gatsby installation is designed in an effort to capture the decadence of high society during the period, and to bring that touch of timeless class and style to any wedding celebration, birthday party or family gathering.

Inspired by black-and-white tie balls and the glitz and glamour of high society, Great Gatsby takes comfort and luxury hand-in-hand, offering a minimalist twist to furniture and seating while retaining a touch of class that is all its own – in a real effort to encapsulate the feel of parties that occurred in America almost a century ago. With stylish centrepieces, delicate and demure awnings and an abundance of sparkle to every table, this is a design which is perfect for anyone hoping to celebrate in a big way.

Any party should be one worth celebrating in style, and for a touch of glamour that emphasises comfort as well as a unique twist on the wedding or birthday party that you’ve been looking for, we feel you should look no further than Great Gatsby – for a relaxing, high-society party that everyone will remember for considerable years to come.